Intermediate Cutting Cycle


Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Propionate, Trenbolone Acetate, Stanozolol, Anastrozole

Pack: 1 set


Items Included:

3 x Test Prop 100

3 x Tren Acetate 100

2 x Stan 10

2 x Anastrozole

Cycle Length: 8 weeks

Cycle Layout:

Weeks 1-8: 100 mg Test Prop100 taken every other day

Weeks 1-8: 100 mg Tren Acetate taken every other day

Weeks 3-8: 40 mg Stan 10 per day

This is a moderate dose testosterone and trenbolone cycle with a non aromatizing oral ran through the last 6 weeks to help harden up gains along with an estrogen blocker to prevent excess bloat and gyno symptoms. Take 1 ml of Test Prop 100 mixed with 1 ml of Tren Acetate 100 on day one, and continue to take an injection of this mixture every other day for 8 weeks. At the beginning of the third week, begin taking 4 Stan 10 about an hour before weight training. Do this every day for the remaining 6 weeks. Starting on day 1, take half of a Anastrozole and continue this throughout cycle and for at least 10 days following your last injection, or until you have used all 40 tablets if you wish.


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