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12 Week Lean Bulking Blitz

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Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Blends, Trenbolone Enanthate, Oxandrolone, Stanozolol, Clomiphene Citrate

Pack: 1 set


Items Included:

4 x  Sust 270

4 x  Tren Enanth 200

3 x  Oxan

2 x  Stan 10

2 x  Clomiphene

Cycle Length: 12 weeks

Cycle Layout:

Weeks 1-12:  Sust 270mg every other day

Weeks 1-10:  Tren Enanth200 every other day

Weeks 6-12: 30mg  Oxan /30mg Stan10 every day

Weeks 14-18: 50mg  Clomiphene every day

A lean bulking cycle for the advanced user. The user will inject 1cc of  Sust 270 once every other day along with 1cc of  Tren Enathate200 every other day for 12 weeks. Starting in week 6 the user will add 3 tabs of  Oxan as well as 3 tabs of  Stan10 every day. 2 weeks after discontinuing use of steroids the user will take 50mg of  Clomiphene per day for 4 weeks.

8 reviews for 12 Week Lean Bulking Blitz


    this is my first order and first steroids cycle. it took less than 2 weeks to receive it and i haven’t started using it yet.

  2. Boocho26

    Received my gear within 10 days of placing order!!! Placed another order recently, can’t wait to start my stack! GYM-CANDIES your are the best!

  3. Jay Grove

    I LOVE this cycle. I started out ordering a simple cycle with these guys less than a year ago and I have NOT been disappointed yet. Orders ALWAYS show up and if you use there EMS, it’s in no time. Products are well packaged and discreet. I am pushing 40 next year and my only regret is not knowing about this site sooner. This lean bulking blitz is beyond amazing. You literally watch the fat melt off, bigger and more powerful reps/sets, and just feel great all around. I follow their instructions and will continue to go with this cycle. Don’t be a pussy, this site is legit!!!!!!!

  4. Rhinonutz

    Holy balls batman!!! Ordered beginning of May and arrived two weeks later! Nvr been disappointed with product and service.

  5. jimmy windell

    Amazing stack! It kept me lean while adding mass. My muscles were hard and I did not retain much water weight. This was my first time doing this cycle and I can I will 100% do it again and recommend it to anyone looking to add significant amounts of strength while maintaining the lean mass look.

  6. J Ewell

    Best stack ever super results extremely fast shipping!!!!!

  7. Adli Hassan

    My order shipped out on 10/31. At my door on 11/06/. Less than a week! I’ve ordered before from gym-candies. Superb service. Superior products. Will be ordering again.

  8. Justin Miller

    A gentleman said he used the EMS for the shipping and his order showed up in no time what exactly is that what does it stand for?

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